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Baby Feeding Milk Powder Dispenser Travel Container Bottle Bekas Formula Susu Baby
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Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 20 cm x 7 cm
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- 3 layer milk / food storage.
- Easy to bring anywhere (especially during outside or travel) .
- Be sure to clean it before each use. Do not use a hard brush or other rough, hard objects when cleaning.
- To prevent the milk powder from getting wet, the milk powder box and lid must be screwed tightly before and after each use.
- Please keep in a cool and dry place and out of reach of babies. Do not sterilize in a microwave oven. You can put it in boiling water.
- This product is made of food-grade PP.
- There is a middle lid inside, which can keep the container clean, and the bottom layer of non-stick milk powder is very hygienic.
- Material: Food Grade PP
- Color: Green, Purple

- 3 tingkat bekas susu.
- Senang dibawah ke mana-mana (keutamanya melancong).
- Sila basuh sebelum pakai. Cuma pakai berus yang lembut untuk mencuci.
- Mengelakkan powder susu jadi basah, penutup sentiasa di tutup selepas pakai.
- Simpan dalam tempat yang kering. Dilarang masuk dalam microwave oven. Boleh dipanaskan dengan air panas.
- Diperbuat oleh bahan PP food-grade.
- Warna: Hijau, Anggur

*Price refer to 1pc 3 Layer Milk Powder Storage

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